Task 1: Updated Workplan
Task 2: Network Development Memo
Task 3: Demand Development Memo
Task 4: Calibration Memo
Task 5: Performance Data Memo
Task 6: User’s Guide
Task 7: Test Scenario Memo
Task 8: Folded into Task 4 Memo
Task 9: Research Needs

Progress Reports and Application

Spring 2015 Progress Report
Summer 2015 Progress Report
Fall 2015 Progress Report
Winter 2016 Progress Report
Spring 2016 Progress Report
Summer 2016 Progress Report
Fall 2016 Progress Report
Winter 2017 Progress Report
Spring 2017 Progress Report
Summer 2017 Progress Report
Fall 2017 Progress Report
Winter 2018 Progress Report
Spring 2018 Progress Report

Grant Application


May 2017 TRB Planning Applications Conference Visualization Workshop
May 2017 TRB Planning Applications Conference Tutorial
May 2017 TRB Planning Applications Conference Presentation on Getting Info from Surveys
January 2017 TRB Annual Meeting Presentation on Dynamic Passenger Assignment Challenges
April 2016 Peer Exchange Presentation on Technical Issues
April 2016 Peer Exchange Presentation on Implementation Goals
TRB ITM 2016 Presentation on Network Standard
TRB ITM 2016 Presentation on Technology Transfer Strategy
TRB ITM 2016 Lightning Talk on Software Development Approach
TRB ITM 2016 Workshop on SHRP2-C10

Data Standards


Transit Network Data Standard - Official Source
Transit Networks Data Standard Memo – v0.2


Travel Demand Data Standard - Official Source
Travel Demand Data Standard Memo


Dyno-Path Data Standard – Official Source

Performance Data

GTFS-STAT Transit Performance
GTFS-Ride Transit Ridership

Data Development


Network Development Memo
Network Creation Process – Bay Area
Network Creation Process – Puget Sound
SF-CHAMP Networks, v1.14
PSRC Networks, v1.1
Dwell Time Development Memo
Dwell Time Estimation Files


Demand Development Memo
Demand Translation – SF-CHAMP
Demand Translation – SoundCast
SF-CHAMP Demand, v0.5
Soundcast Demand, v1.1

Validation Data

Transit Performance Data memo GTFS-STAT and GTFS-RIDE creation process
On-Board Survey and Household Travel Survey dyno-path and dyno-demand creation process

Fast-Trips Software

Example documentation


Calibration Memo

Interim Memos on Methodology

These memos are documented here for their potential usefulness in developing future work plans and are not reviewed for accuracy like a final work product


Dynamic Passenger Assignment Issues
Making Open Transportation Data Useful and Accessible: Recommendations for Good Practices in Open Data Standards Management.

Research Needs Assessment

Research Needs Summary

  1. Service Unreliability in Schedule-Based Dynamic Transit Trip Assignment
  2. Efficient and Effective Algorithms for Congested Transit Assignment
  3. Empirically Valid and Computationally Efficient Transit Passenger Route Choice Model
  4. Consistent and Computationally Efficient Transit Passenger Route Choice Model Considering both Operational and Behavioral Variability


DTA Primer
DTPA Glossary

Technology Readiness Assessment Materials

Overview: What we hope to accomplish and how
Fast-Trips Software and Algorithm

Other Related Materials

Localization: Making it useful for the Bay Area and other regions

Other Related Materials

Use in Forecasting Systems

Goal: create couplings with Fast-Trips in order to use it within existing ABMs with minimal changes.

Couplings from ABM

Couplings to ABM

Couplings from GTFS

Other Material